NANOTEK greets you!

Since 2004, NANOTEK develops and manufactures wide range of lubricants under the brand names "NANOTEK", " Nanotek Lubricants", "MetallPlak" and "MetallPlak Electra". At its own facilities, using high quality domestic raw materials and accessories, including basic synthetic PAO oils, as well as its own innovative technologies, our company manufactures mineral and synthetic oils, flexible and semi-liquid lubricants, meeting the highest modern requirements.

 At the market of electric and gasoline-powered tools, garden and construction equipment, NANOTEK represents the first mostly wide line of lubricants: from lubricants for electric tool maintenance and repair to mineral and synthetic oils for machinery with two- and four-cycle air cooling engines, for chain petrol-powered and electric saws, for air compressors and pneumatic equipment. Complete assortment of lubricants involves more that 30 items of oils and lubricants, which are packaged into different plastic and metallic containers.

 NANOTEK LUBRICANTSNANOTEK represents wide line of lubricants for industrial equipment, cargo, road, construction and quarry machinery, including the ones equipped with central lubrication system. Complete assortment of lubricants involves more that 40 items of lubricants, which are packaged into plastic and metallic containers, including cartridges, of different volumes.

    2  NANOTEK produces special series of oils "", "AQUA", and "AERO" for active way of life machinery - scooters, four wheel bikes, snowmobiles, outboard motors and superlight aircrafts. In 2013, oil "NANOTEK 2 AERO" became the first specialized oil in Russia for powered paraglider (paramotors). Since 2014, NANOTEK plays the role of technical sponsor of Russian championship on superlight aircrafts and other sporting competitions and events.

Lincoln GmbHNANOTEK collaborates with manufactures and distributors of machinery and equipment in Russia, Belorus and Europe, such as "IZ-CARTECHS", "RM-TEREX", "Interskol", "ZUBR", "Prorab", "Elitech" and "Enkor". These lubricants are admitted for use in central lubricating systems, such as "Lincoln" and "Groeneveld", in four-stroke engines produced by "HONDA". Our company delivers its products to end users of different domestic and foreign-made machinery being operating in all the regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Wide assortment of lubricants permits to turn out products for customers within contract manufacturing under private trade mark (private label). Trade marks of different companies are presented at oils and lubricants of our production.

NANOTEK introduced new standards at manufacturing, promotion and product sales, permitting trading partners and end consumers to obtain maximum level of servicing while cooperating with our company and to have guarantee of reliable and uninterruptible operation of machinery and equipment.